the space

i have my own classroom.  in the days of art on a cart, i don't have much to complain about.  but the space is small.  very small.  at least i have a max class size of 18, and usually more like 12-15.  then there's the sinks.  there's only two.  they're high, even for me.  i had a step built, but i still need to help the PreK and some of the K kids.  and the tables, they were too tall.  i had 10 cm cut off of every leg.  when i first arrived, there was no paper cutter.  luckily you can buy them locally.  and when i first arrived, the room was pale yellow and dingy grey/green.  now it's a cheery light blue with cork walls!

i've adopted the a six color rainbow for my classroom, with grades assigned to different colors.  with all the custom posters and kid-art on the walls, i love the art space now, even if naea says i should only have 8 kids in this size room, and have a separate art office/storage room.

now for a little tour around my room...

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