Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Class Pet

After our 5 week hiatus from school, I came back to a classroom with a new resident: Mr. Moth.

At least I'm guessing he's a moth. He's got wings but a very large body, like that of a carpenter bee. I call him a moth because it's less scary than the alternatives.

He first came out to play during a prep period. His buzzing wings startled me, but I decided to leave him alone.

          He'd find his way out eventually.

One day, he came out in front of the students. Fourth graders, to be exact. They weren't so fond of him. Screaming, hiding under the table, refusing to do work. I wanted them to ignore him, as I'd done earlier, but it quickly became clear that other actions were necessary. Since he was drawn to the light, we turned out all the lights and shut the blinds, save one open window. It was cold, but we suffered the drop in temperature, in hopes he would fly out. Nope. I even trapped him under the blinds and tried to push him towards the window, but he managed to get free. Eventually, he settled down and went back to hiding from the students.

          Until today.

In the middle of third grade art, he decided to stretch his wings. Not willing to sacrifice work time again, I quickly announced "That's the class pet." What? "Yeah. He's a moth and he's the class pet. He's been living here since Christmas break. I promise he won't hurt anyone."

Well not only did we avoid the complete chaos of the fourth grade freak out session, we made a friend. By the end of the period, third grade had developed a list of names and voted on their favorites. I approve of all the top-rated names. Mothy, Dumpling, Arty, Fly Guy, and Junior M. You can see them listed on the board below, along with some less popular options. Mothy is my least favorite. Dumpling is just funny because we live in China. Arty--perfect for the art room! Fly Guy has a great rhyme for a flying creature. And Junior M, well that's in honor of me, Miss M.

I'm thinking if Mr. Moth makes an appearance in any more classes, I'll let them vote on this list of five.

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Jen said...

I love this post. And I vote for Dumpling or Arty.

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