Friday, February 11, 2011

(masterpieces) The Outer Space Construction Place 2010

(teacher's note) This masterpiece was a group effort by Mr. Hedrick’s 1st grade class! Over two weeks, they learned the steps to making a great piece of art: sketch, create, adjust, display. After generating ideas together and sketching, they settled on an outer space theme for their mural. The students had so many ideas about real and imaginary things in outer space. Can you find all the planets? Some other items include the asteroid belt, meteors, space ships, aliens, dwarf planets, and stars! At the beginning of the second week, they decided what they needed to adjust, or change, to make their mural even better. Lastly, it’s time to display their work. See if you can find the mural, The Outer Space Construction Place 2010, on display as you walk around campus. It is quite large—90cm by 245cm. Great job students!

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