Friday, May 27, 2011

Gala, Take Two

Last year, the music teacher and I paired together to create a night celebrating the arts for our elementary students.
This year, we continued the tradition of the Elementary Fine Arts Gala with a gallery in the cafeteria that opened at 6pm, a concert in the auditorium at 7pm, and after-concert refreshments and ice cream in the gallery.

The concert was fabulous, with performances by the Beginning and Advanced Band, 4th Graders on the recorder, Afterschool Chimes Choir, 3rd Grade Choir, and the 4th-5th Grade Choir.

A parent of one third grader directs the band and keeps us sane with her friendly, mothering presence. A cup of tea, someone to chat with, and even purchasing tickets to Korea for me in the fall, Joyce is a great addition to our office. Her training is in music composition, and she custom arranges each song for our students based on their abilities and instruments. This year, she even prepared a "surprise" piece for the elementary music teacher---Here Comes the Bride. The students were so excited to perform this tribute since they will not be able to go to their music teacher's wedding this summer. And the bobblehead image of her head on a wedding dress that appeared on the screen during the song, that was priceless!

After the thank you's were said, we enjoyed our ice cream with the artwork and said good-bye for the night.

Just as magically as it came together, the gallery needed to transform back into a cafeteria for Monday's lunch. My partner-in-crime bobblehead friend came back to school with me on Saturday to take down the show. Peanut and Plain M&M's. We make a great team! I'll miss her next year as she starts the next part of her life around the globe from us.

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