Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beautiful Batiks

This is my third year of third grade Wayne Thiebaud-inspired art. I teach the lesson just after the students have covered 3D solids in math class (triangular prism, cylinder, etc.). We learn how to draw 3D solids, then we mix tints and shades to paint our delicious treats. This year, I made a small departure from the standard tempera project. Having just visited Shanghai and seen the toothpaste/aloe vera lotion batik process first-hand, I decided the process would be great for our cakes.

Well, the results are in! I loved the project so much that I chose to display batiks in the gala for almost half of the third graders. (Typically, I try to equally represent every project from the year.)

Here are some of the batiks from the gala...

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Phyl said...

Hi Stephanie, thanks for the comment you left on my blog- There's a Dragon in my Art Room at

Funny how things go in circles. Prior to starting my blog, I discovered that same post that you mentioned (about using toothpaste and lotion w/tempera for batik), and I actually have blogged about the technique a few times, here:

I think the idea of using the process for Wayne Thiebaud is great!

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