Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hui Mei Guo

Today I  回美国 for a three-week whirlwind trip to see a niece, nephew, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and the bobblehead bride walk down the aisle. It's been a crazy few weeks since the Gala, wrapping up projects and WRAPPING them (or rolling them) to go home with students. And goodbyes. Lots of goodbyes. Students, teachers, neighbors, friends. Moving on to other schools, other cities, other countries.

Yesterday I bid my classroom adieu for these three weeks. I'm anxious to begin planning for next year, but first need to enjoy this break. So bring on the three-legged, 29+ hour door-to-door journey that will take me across (or above-still don't understand that great circle thing...) the Pacific and bring me back to beautiful country.

(The Chinese name for the states is the adjective for beautiful and the word for country).


Stephanie Melachrinos said...

Did I say 29+ hour trip? Guess that's cause I wasn't anticipating a 17 hour flight delay in Beijing with hotel and meal compensation. Just hoping to make it back in time to hop on the plane to see the niece and nephew.

Stephanie Melachrinos said...

Correction: 19 hour flight delay.

Stephanie Melachrinos said...

Door-to-door, from my apartment to my parents' house 48+ hours.

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